A story subject to change.


Tery Lively, Founder

Lively Ceramics LLC was started in November of 2020 by Tery Lively. He created the company to share his passion for making pieces with the goal of having them be cherished by you for years.

In 2009 he enrolled in his first ceramics course during his freshman year at Paint Branch High School. Thanks to his supportive teacher, he developed a connection wtih the wheel. Having taken a ceramics course every semester of his remaining high school career, it was clear that he had found something that brought him joy. 

After graduating high school in 2013 he attended Villanova University. At this point in time he was under the impression that he would get a good degree and find a high paying job. This, as you may have deduced by now, did not happen. Instead he had the pleasure of working a few different, not high paying jobs. And it was truly a pleasure. He experienced new parts of the world, both in his hometown and abroad. 

The idea behind Lively Ceramics LLC had been forming for years, in 2018 it began to take shape. A transpacific journey on a sailboat from Hawaii to Sydney, Australia allowed for this to happen. Slowly but surely the idea has grown from its roots tied to that high school classroom, into something that is still only in it's infancy. Tery hopes you'll follow along as Lively Ceramics LLC continues to grow.